Work Perks

Work perks that help attract and retain employees

Quill’s new survey demonstrates how work perks (namely non-traditional ones) help bring in and keep new talent. And the results delivered: Nearly eight out of 10 respondents said non-traditional work perks are important when they evaluate a potential new job.



Employee Perks Survey Results

In relation to employee perks, this survey reveals a number of differences amongst age groups. While it may be no surprise that work from home flexibility tops the list as the most desirable perk, findings show it appeals most to people age 45 to 54. The youngest age group (25-to-34-year-olds), on the other hand, was more likely to benefit from company-provided snacks and meals, paid volunteer time, and student loan debt reimbursement.

While we can likely all agree that work perks make a job more enticing, this survey found we rarely do anything to ask for more or better perks. Maybe it’s time we change that. It’s up to employers to consider more and better perks to bring in quality employees.


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Work Perks Survey Methodology