The Evolution of the American Family

We worked with California Cryobank to produce an infographic about how the American family structure is changing.

Only 26% of Americans aged 20-29 are married, compared to 68% of Americans in 1960. This decline has a direct correlation to the average age that men and women marry, which is currently the highest ever recorded. In addition to marriage, gender roles have also changed and evolved with stay at home dads and Choice Moms. Women have also reached near parity with men in the work force comprising 47%.

Americans have also adopted a new type of family coined the “Modern Family”, or same-sex families. The number of same-sex couples raising children has grown to 111,000 in 2010, and over 3 Million LGBT adults have had a child.

Even though the history of the American Family is changing, there will always be one constant factor…LOVE!

Evolution of the American Family