Not surprisingly, people have learned to tune out the advertising noise. Now you have to EARN your customers attention.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You hate interruptions, so why use them as a marketing strategy? Your customer is bombarded everyday with TV Ads, Radio Ads, Internet Ads, Billboards, Cold Calls and a thousand other marketers shouting for their attention. Your customer is conditioned to ignore these interruptions, just like you do.

Content Marketing is the cure to interruption marketing’s failures. Content Marketing attracts customers who willingly engage with you throughout the buying cycle.

With an SEO driven Content Marketing Strategy you can also outrank your competition and stop living in fear of Google’s next big update.

Our goal at Ghergich & Co. is to give you a shrewd content strategy & to create POWERFUL, PERSUASIVE CONTENT that outshines your competition.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Without a proper plan your content marketing efforts will be doomed from the start. Ghergich & Co. helps you develop a comprehensive strategy designed to be scalable and easy to implement.

Editorial Content

Editorial Content

Ghergich & Co. will help you create a constant stream of content that is targeted specifically to inform and engage with your target audience. 

Infographic Design & Marketing

Infographic Creation & Marketing

Infographics are the perfect medium to distill complex information in a way your customers will not only understand, but also want to share!