Confessions of an SEO Crack Dealer

Confessions of a SEO Crack Dealer

I started out with zero intentions of writing this kind of post but once I started I couldn’t stop. What follows is my personal journey through the world of SEO. A journey that began in the seedy underbelly of our industry, and which has completely changed my outlook on marketing and how I derive pleasure… Continue reading

Hummingbird: Move Over Caffeine, Hello Sweet Nectar

A quick glance at Twitter or your RSS reader will reveal that everyone is all a’flutter about Hummingbird, Google’s latest algorithm update. This release is the biggest one since Caffeine in 2010. How is it different from its predecessor?  Amit Singhal reports: “[Hummingbird] is clearly more focused on ranking sites better for relevance, while Caffeine… Continue reading

SEO Fairytale

How Good Content & SEO Creates A Fairytale Ending

Perhaps you remember “Beauty and The Beast,” the Disney Classic, as a touching story about a beautiful girl who sees beyond physical appearance. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you remember The Beast as the most terrifying creature in Disney history. Seriously—Watch the movie. The Beast is big, hairy, and has fang-like teeth that could… Continue reading

Colorful Sad Face Icons On Napkins

Now You’re Just Some Backlink That I Used to Know

What You Need to Know About Google’s New Disavow Links Tool The SEO community is buzzing about Google’s latest tool aimed at helping the webmasters get rid of low quality links. Who is this tool for?  Anyone who was heavily affected by the Google’s Panda updates should definitely take a look. Websites who have received unnatural… Continue reading