Tool to Optimize Image Sizes

How to (Batch) Optimize and Resize Photos for the Web in 2017

How to batch resize and optimize your photos, without Photoshop, and without losing image quality. I show you the free software I use on Mac and PC to reduce image size and optimize images for SEO.

Now that site speed is a Google ranking factor, the file size of your images is even more important. You will be surprised how fast you can resize and optimize your images for the web.

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In this video:

• I cover an example of images that appear to be small at first glance but can slow your website down.

• I show you a free tool to resize those photos in bulk

• I show you my favorite tool for image optimization and how to reduce the file size of your photos without any visible loss in image quality

• Lastly, I show you 3 bonus image optimization tools you can test out

Software for Optimizing + Resizing Photos:

1. – Best batch image resizer tool

2. – My favorite tool for lossless image compression

3. – Beautiful interface for reducing image file size with lossy or lossless reduction

4. – Awesome paid API for image optimization

I hope you find all of these tools as helpful as I have!

A.J. Ghergich

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3 Responses to “How to (Batch) Optimize and Resize Photos for the Web in 2017”

  1. Robin Spencer Robin Spencer said ...

    Is there an advantage to over doing similar resizing in Lightroom?

    1. A.J. Ghergich A.J. Ghergich said ...

      Hi Robin, if you are doing your resizing in lightroom that should be fine. However, if it comes to file size ImageOptim will still be helpful.

      1. Robin Spencer Robin Spencer said ...

        Ok thanks. This was a great post. Keep it up.

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