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#WeeklyTrumpets: Overly Aggressive Hashtagger Says #WHAT?!

#Good Morning and #Welcome to the #WeeklyTrumpets! 

…Crap, meant to post that in Facebook.

Yes, Hashtags arrived on the ol’ FB scene and have been met with mixed reviews (at least on my own feed — folks be complainin’ about everything on there.) Alan Rosenblatt makes a great point in his article this week on using hashtags for politics and campaigns. He points out that Facebook has been used primarily for connecting with people that you already know, as opposed to making brand new connections outside of your social network.

Hashtags on Facebook, however, can make it easier to branch out and participate in larger conversations like on Twitter. Furthermore, by not limiting character counts, hashtags on FB can be less obnoxious and less intrusive if used properly. (Now, obviously hashtags can be used for horrendous “conversations,” but I am choosing to focus on the #positive #possibilities here.) The outreach potential for campaigns and organizations has been opened a bit here.

Going back to that sly 140-character minx called Twitter, Ann Smarty brings us a list of 11 Tools to Find Niche Twitter Influencers that is quite helpful. A couple of my faves – Topsy and Followerwonk – are featured, along with one or two that I hadn’t used before.

Rand has such a hard life, y’all.

One more Twitter link just for teh lolz: this list of SEO World Problems was lovingly compiled by Chris Dyson to highlight the struggles that we poor bastards face. :)

Next up, Stanford Smith wrote up a post recently on The Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media and Why You Should Care. He talks openly about his own history as a good (/deceptive) ‘Mad Man‘ and how his tune has since changed, now believing that:

Content Marketing is the most important marketing innovation since “branding.”

Companies need to ask first “Do we have a story that is worth telling?” and then “How can we turn this story into a sustained, multi-platform, experience for people who resonate with how we do business?” According to Smith, social media platforms become an easy afterthought once these important questions are brought to light.

In order to tackle this, however, you’ll need an editorial calendar. Pam Moore gives us a Template To Rock Your Social Media Marketing. The tips she gives are pretty basic and easy to comprehend, and the list of worksheets at the end are worth perusing for your own projects.

Holly Regan brings us a post on the Convergence of PR and Journalism. She argues that journalism is not dying but evolving as the lines between PR and marketing and journalism start to blur. In fact at UNC, “up to 70% of students in the School of Journalism are actually majoring in PR and advertising.” 

Things are certainly changing… but haven’t they always? Regan points out that this isn’t a bad thing, and also gives advice specifically to journalists, PR people, and companies themselves on how content is king – no matter the title involved.


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