Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets

Weekly Trumpets: Twiangulatin’ with Rand and Google’s Hot, Hot Temps

Our weekly collection of articles and tools for you to peruse between stuffing your face with brats and beer over the 4th of July holiday.

Content Marketing:

So you know you need quality content but how much content do you actually need? Here is a formula from Jay Baer that should help you right out.


Even though Facebook is now That Old Guy In The Room it can still deliver a ton of value when used properly. This week there was several quality Facebook posts.

Jon Loomer has a very nice piece about How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website. I have used most of these techniques and can tell you they certainly work well. Jon walks you through how to do a Domain Sponsored Story which I think many people ignore but shouldn’t.

According to a new study by AdRoll Facebook News Feed Ads Generate 49 Times More Clicks At 45% Less Costs (cited by John Koetsier).

Search Metrics released their 2013 SEO Ranking Factors. The top of the list is dominated by social sites like Facebook, Google+ Pinterest & Twitter. The study is very detailed you should check it out.

However, Jim Dougherty has a few bones to pick with the study. Jim gives a very detailed response as to why “The strongest correlation coefficients in this study are weak.”


If you are looking for a quick tool to see how many social share a url received you should give MuckRack a try. Shared Count is also great for this, but I have found myself using the Muckrack tool more and more this week because it tends to be more accurate right now for sites like Stumbleupon.

Also, if you have never used Twiangulate I have found it really helpful this week.  You can easily compare 3 twitter accounts to find mutual followers and export the names or even create twitter lists from the results. You should be able to find tons of uses for this… like comparing yourself to Rand Fishkin and Ann Smarty:

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 3.44.23 PM

Google Being A Dick Google:

First Reader dies and now Google retires External Keyword Tool according to Lee Odden (check out the Google Graveyard infographic in that article for all the tools that now rest in peace.)

Also, Google seems to be running a fever according to Dr. Pete. See what he means:

Vegan Link Bait:

Speaking of being a dick, sometimes that can be great link bait… especially when you’re trying to rub ex-vegans’ noses in their bacon-flavored shame.  (Found via this article by Andrew Simmons)

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