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Weekly Trumpets: The First Tweet is the Deepest

A brief note before we begin:

Last week, we unleashed a blog post of epic proportions in which I interviewed seven women in SEO on their experiences in the industry. I was blown away by the positive response and just wanted to sincerely thank everyone who participated in, commented on, shared, or simply browsed the post. It was a wonderful experience, and I hope to do a follow-up someday.

(Also: if you have published a similar post on gender in SEO, please hit me up with it — I’d love to read!) 

Okay. On to the Trumpets!

I’d like to start this roundup off with an entertaining post by Brian Patterson who used Topsy to discover The First Tweets from 38 SEO-Industry Influencers. I loved seeing the “testing? is this mic on?”-type tweets mixed in with folks who got right down to business.

And, of course, Matt Cutts tweeted about cats, which reminded me of this oldie but goodie:


Next up, Takeshi Young gives us his take on How to Use Tumblr for SEO and Social Media Marketing. I was an early Tumblr adopter, and even used it while teaching an online class, but have since drifted from the platform. However, this article made me think about Tumblr in new ways. (It also features SEO Ryan Gosling if that’s your thing.)

Moving right along from Twitter to Tumblr to G+, Zoe-Lee Skelton introduces some new Treats from Google Plus Developers: author attribution and embedded posts.

Read more about how these new goodies work in Skelton’s article.

Today, Matthew Barby released an extensive Guide to Running Online Competitions, which I found to be quite interesting.

It walks you through preparation, outreach, promotion, and tracking in very neatly-written steps. I’ve worked with my friend’s jewelry brand on running giveaways and competitions – and have spoken to other bloggers about the trend – and would strongly recommend this post!

The last post in this roundup features a little future predictin’ brought to you by Jayson DeMers. DeMers outlines The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014.

One that really stuck out to us at Ghergich is #3: Image-Centric Content Will Rule. The explosion of sites like Buzzfeed and Pinterest testify to this claim, and we’re excited to see how visuals evolve in the coming year.


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3 Responses to “Weekly Trumpets: The First Tweet is the Deepest”

  1. Kevin Turner Kevin Turner said ...

    Hi Kate, testing? is this mic on?”-type tweets – that’s funny. Not seen that before. That Guide to Running Online Competitions look good, I am going to check that out in more detail. This is the first time I have hit the site. All good so far….

  2. Daisy BBN Daisy BBN said ...

    Images are so essential. I have tried and testing this across various social medias sites, and forums and people prefer images, they are more likely to interact when images are used.

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