Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets

Weekly Trumpets: Taking a Research Dump and Why 2K Words Ain’t Everything

It’s been a minute since our last Trumpets, which means it’s high time to round up some of the best content from the past few weeks. (AND as a special gift to you, dear readers, no (not provided)-Hummingbirds will be focused on in this post.)

First up, Kelsey Libert and Kristin Tynski give us some great pointers on creating content: Want a Viral Hit? Here Is an Inside Look at Our Ideation Process. They take us through their process of brainstorming and research dumping, using sites like Reddit, Trendhunter, BuzzFeed, and others to find ideas that people are actually interested in.

And as a bonus, Libert gives a few examples of successful campaigns in the comment section, which are also worth looking at.


Joel Klettke is a funny guy. Luckily for the industry, he’s also quite smart. You may have caught his commentary in our last post (on the algorithm that shall remain unnamed), but we also really liked this piece on his blog: Word Count, Shmerd Count: A No-Bull Approach to Google’s “In-Depth” Articles.

Joel addresses the supposed “publisher’s new lucky number” of 2K-5K words, as well as some thoughts on what to do with your crazy-long article. For instance:

Do you have an amplification plan for getting your content out in front of the people who will read it, share it and link to it?
This is one of the most common things the people who approach me to write for them are missing.

Instead of focusing on the numbers, maaaaybe ask: “Why are we writing in the first place?”


If you search “SEO strategies” any time in the past couple years, you’ll find Jason Acidre in one of the top three spots:

How’d he do it? Luckily for us, Jason shared his Best Kept SEO Secret on How to Rank for Competitive KeywordsHe shares factors that have made his most successful posts rank better, including leaving room for necessary improvements:

The pages’ ability to be continuously updated makes room for improvement and sustainability in search rankings. The more changes/updates being made on the page, the more it becomes the best resource on the web covering a particular topic area.

Lots of great tips here that are worth paying attention to.


Steve Webb got ahold of some of the top SEO folks and put together this post on The Most Actionable SEO Tips Ever. Bold claim? Perhaps. I think it holds up though, see for yourself.

And finally, Sanket Patel graciously rounded up over 101 SEO experts and asked them to Reveal Their Favorite SEO Browser Plugins/Extensions. This is a huge list, folks, and will probably introduce you to some great tools (and spoiler alert: they’re not all Mozbar)


…Okay, wait. Special Friday bonus:

AJ saw this on Reddit and it’s pretty golden. Ten thousand million bucks says the script-writer based it off an SEO For Dummies book:

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  1. A.J. Ghergich A.J. Ghergich said ...

    Pro Tip: Make sure to say your keywords over and over in videos. Also, if you have an ad on a bus stop bench make sure you have your keywords there as well…the Google Maps cars will scan it with their camera and rank you really fast!

  2. jasonacidre jasonacidre said ...

    Thanks for including my post on your awesome roundup Kate :)

    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Hope you had a great weekend too! Really appreciated your post!

  3. Thanks Kate for mentioning my post in your round up. Glad to have part in your round up!

    1. Yours was super helpful and obviously took a lot of time to do! Thank you 😀

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