Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets

Weekly Trumpets: Sniffing out Spam and Making Your Blog Suck Less

Welcome back to the Weekly Trumpets! (…Okay, so maybe it’s more like “Monthly Trumpets.”)

Before I start, I’d like to bring your attention to the massive destruction in the Philippines caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan this past weekend. I am sure you have heard about this horrendous storm but I want to urge you to help if you are in any position to. To start, Here is a helpful article with various ways to provide your assistance and support. Thanks!

In this roundup I will share some of the best SEO and Content Marketing posts from around the web and possibly introduce you to some articles you haven’t read yet.

Sometimes you click a catchy headline and it fails miserably (thinking of some piece I found on about Kim Kardashian’s ass, among others). Fortunately for me, however, when I clicked on How We Grew Our Blog to 5,000+ Subscribers in Five Weeks by Alex Turnbull, I was not disappointed.

His adventure started with this simple email:

“Our blog sucks. Let’s discuss at 10AM tomorrow.”

Just over a month later, that sucky blog had 82,629 unique visitors, 5,256 email subscribers, and 535 new trials.

So, uhh… HOW? Alex gives many insights into their success with caveats that it may not work for others, and that this experiment is still in its early stages.

Still, I appreciated his suggestions.

I also appreciated their new and improved email signup form verbiage:

Kudos to the Groove team, and thanks for sharing your story!

Back when Hummingbird was first unleashed onto the world, we asked SEO patent guru Bill Slawski what his thoughts were on the algo changes. Today, I share his most recent article, which details How Google Might Use the Context of Links to Identify Link Spam.

Bill tells us that Google filed for a patent in 2004 that essentially describes how it could pay more attention to context clues surrounding a link, in order to assess its legitimacy. He walks us through the process swiftly and easily, and it was pretty fascinating to me.

Much like how context clues and surrounding words can help us identify and loosely define an unfamiliar word, Google’s patent assesses blocks – or “windows” – of text in order to sniff out the telltale Eau de Spam.

Thanks, Bill, for taking me back to grammar school in a way that was not unpleasant.

Up next, we have a helpful guide to The Top 20 Local Search Ranking Factors, brought to us by Miriam Ellis. This post is huge and insanely detailed, with screen caps galore to help walk you through each of the top 20. Bookmark and come back… and perhaps reference it to your clients who may also find it useful.

Next up on the list are 168 Case Studies on Generating Traffic from 124 Experts. Set up a bit like a cheat sheet, this guide provides links to – you guessed it – over 150 case studies that cover many aspects of link building, social media, etc.

I thoroughly appreciated how much work went into compiling all of these and suspect that there will be quite a few that you will also put on your To Read list.

Rounding out these trumpets is a post providing 30 Free SEO Tools and How to Use Them for Link Prospecting by Venchito Tampon (whose last name is, no joke, wonderful.)

Venchito introduced me to a few new tools (including Preacher, which I am trying right now), and gave me some updates on ones I hadn’t visited in a while. He also covered some great Advanced Search Queries for Twitter, which new folks may find very interesting.

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    Before I start writing the comment, I’d say – An Epic and Eye Catchy Headline (that attracted me). And yes, I’d not forget to mention that you have done a great contribution, especially when you termed “That sucky blog had 82,629 unique visitors, 5,256 email subscribers, and 535 new trials.”

    It’s not only an informative article where Kate Gramlich Roumbos have done a great contribution, but yes – SEO Guru, Bill Slawski, too had a great way-through.

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