Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets

Weekly Trumpets: MozCon tools, Nerditude, and Nomophobia, oh my!


As we all (should) know, MozCon is going on this week, and Twitter has been all a’flutter with the great content that is being discussed.

James Agate posted the 2013 Link Building Survey infographic to Moz yesterday which outlines how the year is going thus far for the industry. You can check out things like: average link building budgets per business/agency, most common (and effective) forms of link building being used, challenges faced, and more. From there, Agate also adds several helpful links and further insights which were altogether quite interesting.

Kane Jamison compiled a super great list on all of the tools mentioned at MozCon 2013. Go ahead and bookmark this immediately because I have a feeling you’ll want to keep referring back. (It also tells you which person mentioned each tool, so you know who else to thank in the future.)

The list is almost overwhelming in its awesome-ness so remember to breathe, people. OR if you want to just open everything at once, make sure you install the Linkclump Chrome extension. (Thanks, Ross Hudgens!)

Speaking of Ross, he also shared his presentation on Rapid Fire Link Building Tips for Your Content. Aside from the tools he suggests, which are included in that post above, he talks about building and nurturing links over time.



Moving away from specifically MozCon related posts, I had a few others from this week that I wanted to share.

First up is a huge list of 100+ Content Strategy Insights compiled  by Michele Linn. This post highlights a ton of responses to the latest #CMWorld twitter conversation which took place yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed this roundup because it gives insight into several aspects of Content Strategy from folks with varying levels of experience.

…Or maybe I just like eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.

Next we delve into full-on nerditude with 10 Excel Functions Every SEO Professional Should Know. Jayson DeMers compiled this list, and I’m not gonna lie:

(Hopefully there are some Community fans out there)

Some of these functions may be useful only once in a while and others you may use daily with your Webmaster Tool data. If you know of more, comment on his article to keep the discussion going.

Moving forward, Lisa Buyer brings us an article about The Mobile #PR Hookup, detailing the ongoing and ever-evolving relationship between brands and their mobile marketing campaigns.

With the rise of cellphone addiction and nomophobia (which is, like, a real thing y’all.) brands are capitalizing on media exposure in new ways. Lisa Buyer talks about the positive and negative aspects of this, and how you can navigate mobile PR more effectively.

That wraps up this week’s post. Hope everyone at MozCon is having a great time… and that everyone else who wasn’t able to go is commiserating into a beer. :) 

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    Thanks for the shout out, Kate! Lots of other great posts I missed this week as well, so good reading.

    1. No problem, great post! I look forward to future twitter conversations :)

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