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Weekly Trumpets: Surprise Google Releases Penguin 2.0

Updated: Here is a quick video of comments Matt Cutts made hours before the update. Matt says the previous generations of Penguin only looked at the homepage of a site. I found that to be a pretty shocking statement. If that is the case I think this update is going to be very painful for anyone who escaped the first rounds of Penguin.

Just a quick but very important update. Google is releasing Penguin 2.0 tonight, and it has been confirmed by Matt Cutts. Google is referring to this algorithm update as version 2.0, but I tend to side with Search Engine Land who points out that there has been 4 fairly big updates to Penguin at this point.

Be sure to check your rankings over the next week for any issues.  Here is a video Matt released a few days ago talking about what is coming down the pipe.

Penguin is going after what Google terms “black hat web spam”. They are really going after paid links, abuse of keyword rich anchor text, advertorials etc. Matt specifically mentioned searches for “Pay Day Loans” on Google UK so that will be one to watch.


Go grab this free chrome extension and look at your traffic compared to major Google updates in the past. I am certain they will update this shorty to reflect Penguin 2.0 or 4 or whatever you want to call it.

Well that is all for now. Hopefully all your competitors will be banned for life…we can hope right?

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