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Weekly Trumpets: Google +1s Not So Kick Ass After All

Welcome to another weekly edition of the Trumpets, where we’re all SEO and no Miley. 

First off this week, Matt Cutts weighs in over at Hacker News and states that Google +1s do NOT lead to higher rankings. The whole thread is a fascinating and eye opening conversation. I guess those mean and dirty LINKS are not so bad after all.

Richard Marriott asked 28 local SEO experts to give him their most Kick Ass strategy which resulted in a pretty epic post titled… you guessed it… Kick Ass Local SEO Strategies. I enjoyed the global aspect on this post; it provides a great outlook on the topic that is often overlooked.

Aaron Wall wrote one the best posts I have read in a long while: How to lose money with Infographics. As usual Aaron is right on target and I am noticing more and more people calling Google out on some of policies that seem a bit ridiculous.

Many of the answers are quite detailed and useful so grab a cup of coffee or bookmark this one for later.

Ned Poulter wrote the Do’s & Don’ts of SEO in 2013 which I am mainly sharing just so I can share this image lol.

Great Site Launch....I love What You've Done With Disallow: /



Up next, Brian Dean shows how he used great content and outreach to boost his traffic quickly. SEO Case Study: 348% More Organic Traffic in 7 Days – Brian mentions that when he was starting out he used the “post and pray” method, which never really works out.

I always tell clients that if you don’t want to do outreach for your content you might as well save the money and not create it in the first place.

Jamie Tolentino got 4 SEO experts to share their checklist for improving your site. I see #12 happening a lot.

I always find it amazing how much great content our SEO & Content Marketing community produces each week. Enjoy reading!

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