Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets

Weekly Trumpets: Freshness and Messiness in SEO

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Time for another rendition of the Weekly Trumpets. Here are a few of the top posts I found this week:

Starting out this week’s post is Glen “BearPuncher” (Glen doesn’t reveal his last name so I figured I would gift him one) of ViperChill, who wrote a very interesting SEO post about When Google Takes Freshness Too Far.

Glen points out how easily it STILL is to spam Google:

(Next up, Cyrus Shepard compiled a list of the 100 Best Free SEO Tools. This list is interactive and you can tailor it to fit your particular needs, making it a little different from previous “Best Tools” lists. At the end of the post, Shepard also includes a few additional resources for your tool-hunting expeditions.

Manish Dudharejia of KissMetrics wrote The Ultimate Guide to SEO Testing this week, highlighting places where many SEOs need to step up to the plate. Dudharejia provides not only general ideas of SEO testing, but also concrete, implementable tactics.

(Okay, the others are more implementable than this I promise.)

Running off WordPressSuresh Khanal  provides us with a list of 5 Forgotten Tasks to Your WordPress SEO, stating that many WP n00bs consider it to be “out of the box” ready, which is simply not the case. Peruse through his list to make sure you’re not repeating any of the common mistakes.

Last but not least, Aleh Barysevich Skillfully Takes Over a Messy SEO Project  and shows you how to do the same. As for the audience of this piece, he states:

This article is not only for people who do SEO for customers. It’ll be also of interest for those who join new teams and who happen to be the only guys with some SEO knowledge, so other team members expect them to clean up the mess

If you’re nodding your head like, “Ohh yeah, been there,” check out what Barysevich has to say on how to get things organized and on the right track.

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  1. Suresh Khanal Suresh Khanal said ...

    Thank you Ghergich for the mention and link love.

    Glen’s post is simply too awesome to make anybody mad who believes in SEO. Anybody is moved quickly and now, I’m confused about black & white SEO.

  2. SEMfuze SEMfuze said ...

    Nice article!

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