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Weekly Trumpets: Build a wicked vocabulary… and get laid by Google

Welcome to this Thursday edition of Weekly Trumpets. Earlier in the week, we had an awesome guest post from Emma Siemasko of Grasshopper. In case you missed it, check out ‘How Good Content & SEO Creates a Fairytale Ending.’

All right, so this was basically me when I logged onto Google+ yesterday afternoon:


A little confused at first… and then totally okay with it. Several useful posts popped up immediately afterward (all shared on G+, natch) and I wanted to throw a couple in here. First of all Seth Rosenblatt recaps some of the major changes including photo manipulation, gif integration, and an expansion of Hangouts.

Speaking of the latter, AJ told me about this Hangouts extension for Chrome that you may want to grab.

Now like I said, I’m cool with the new layout. Digging the three-column look with the swooping posts and all of that. However, if you aren’t as excited, Jesse Wojdylo shows that you can go back to the one-column layout pretty easily.

Switching gears from the G+ world, there are a few more articles I wanted to share from this past week. Ken McGaffin‘s on How Broken Link Building Can Work For You is one of them. He lays out a four-step process for utilizing broken links that you find on other websites to your own advantage.

Essentially, you create and suggest content that fills the gaps left by broken links. It’s like being a good samaritan but also beneficial for your own site. Win-win!

Next up, we have a piece by Demian Farnworth (who, I just found out, went to the sister school of my alma mater — go SIU!) Rather than arguing for substance over style Demian says we need substance with style in his article, ‘8 Ways to Nurture a Diabolical Bent for Originality.’

Branch out from well-worn ideas for content and start looking for inspiration in, well, everything. One of the steps?

Build a wicked vocabulary. Highlight words you don’t understand … and then look them up.”

Get going: your originality and readership may depend on it.

Finally, to round out this far-ranging collection of articles Rae Hoffman tells us why Content Marketing is the ‘Escort’ of Online Marketing. Hoffman is consistently funny and creative while also being thought-provoking, so don’t let the title scare you away… After all:

Hooker, escort – your objective is still to get laid by Google.”

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