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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week March 27th 2013

Before jumping into a few of my favorite posts and articles from this week, I just have to do a little shameless self promotion (it’s not spammy if you acknowledge it, right?) This week I was interviewed by The Daily Trap, official blog for, which I talked about a few weeks ago. In the interview, Ethan Siegel asks me several questions about two of my favorite things, SEO and Content Marketing. Go check it out. You also get to learn what my favorite cheese is, and don’t act like that isn’t enticing.

Next up is a post titled Link Building Services – You Get What You Pay For by Rae Hoffman (aka Sugarrae), who is always hilarious. She writes about a sketchy email she received from a “link builder posing as a woman,” and posts her own reply, which is snarky as hell but incredibly on point. The exchange that ensued is just too good to miss. Sadly this is why people hate SEO but I am confident that we have enough good people in our industry to change this perception.

Ian Lurie, the founder and CEO of Portent, wrote a piece called WTF is SEO? over the weekend that was super interesting and inspiring. He talks about how SEO isn’t just an activity or a tactic, but rather “the outcome of a disciplined, coherent marketing & technology strategy.” He calls all of us out by urging Content Marketers to rearrange our priorities and focus on the bigger, interactive picture and I couldn’t agree more.

Shifting gears a bit, earlier in the week Facebook released a guide for non-profits on Building your presence with Facebook Pages, and I found it useful even for folks who are not involved in non-profit organizations. It gives tips on fostering actual dialogue, making real connections, and sharing content that readers really want to find. Whether you run an existing Page for your business (/band/club/cause) OR if you are thinking about getting one started, this guide is pretty helpful and very easy to navigate.

And last but not least, here’s a post that might offer a glimpse into the future: Mars Dorian (what an awesome name btw) predicts What a Blog Post Will Look Like in 2020. It took me a minute to remember that 2020 is only SEVEN years away, but after my brief panic attack I loved this post. Real-time blogging and live interaction? Blog posts on every available surface instead of just a screen? Insta-translation into any language without any effort?

Sign me up, Mars!

Well that is all for this week. As always enjoy reading!

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