Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets


This week I wanted to lead with a piece from Justin Briggs that I absolutely loved reading. That goes for most things Justin writes, but especially his article Technical Hacks for Content Marketing.

Justin’s post talks about the struggle we all face to create truly great content.  I love how he challenges himself to create better content and to push his own personal boundaries. As always, his post shows you exactly how he did it and should spark some ideas for you as well.

There is nothing wrong with creating some easy content so long as it is still helpful and your audience responds to it. Hell, that is exactly what I do with my weekly blog post. However, if that is all you are doing you will not get very far.

Incase you missed it our team just released a “for fun” infographic project called The Harlem Shake Vs Gangnam Style. This graphic took time to research and execute but the result is well worth it.

The Harlem Shake Vs Gangnam Style Infographic

I read an article by Kenneth Hein over on Forbes titled How to Separate The Hope From The Hype. Kenneth interviews Michael Brenner the VP of Global Marketing for SAP about content marketing. The entire interview is fantastic, but I really loved this quote,

The hope of content marketing is marketing that our buyers don’t hate. It is marketing that serves their needs”.

I think this quote really gets to the core of what we should all be doing.

In other news of serious and dire importance, Google has given image searchers a way to find Animated Gifs by adding it as a dropdown feature.

Now you can find things like this….much easier.

Google also announced on Google+ that they are providing YouTube data in Google Trends. That would have been a great spot for me to Rick Roll you so be thankful I didn’t.

Lastly, are you tired of getting low response rates to your outreach emails? How about thinking about outreach from a Blogger’s Point of View. Dana Forman wrote an article over at SEER Interactive that shows some pretty bad pitches she gets on a regular basis. Read these, and if you are doing anything similar…stop!

Well that is all for now, as always enjoy reading!

A.J. Ghergich

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