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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week March 14th 2013

My blog post did not go out yesterday because we have been updating the website to be RESPONSIVE.  There are a few bugs to work out but for the most part we are really happy with the results. On a desktop slowly minimize your browser screen and you will notice all the pages of the site conform to your screen size.

If you experience any bugs please let us know. I encourage all of you to embrace Responsive design as well. There were honestly not a ton of articles that I read this week that really got my attention. So rather than force the issue I decided to focus on the few that did.

In case you didn’t hear Pinterest made small business owners very happy when they released Pinterest Analytics and if you have not checked it out yet you certainly need to do so. You have to have a verified account, but you already did that right!

One of the biggest things that stood out to me this week was that The Content Marketing Institute released the 2013 Content Marketing Benchmarks for the UK this week.  At first glance the problem this study presents is not clear.

The study finds that 94% of UK Marketers use Content Marketing. These numbers are pretty similar in the United States as well.  So….what’s the problem? Well for starters lets flip that number around.Only 6% of UK Marketers DO NOT use Content Marketing.  The study also finds that 64% of UK marketers plan to increase their Content Marketing spend this year.What this means is that everyone is in an arms race to “out content” his or her competition.My advice is to not fall into this trap. Someone is always going to have a larger budget to work with than you. Instead of trying to out produce your competition you should simply outshine them.

Are you struggling to make 15 average pieces of content each month? Do yourself a favor, and next month make 3 above average pieces and one AMAZING piece of content instead.

You will find that by focusing, your results are going to be MUCH better. Think about it, we know from these studies that everyone is focusing on content production. This means your customer is going to get bombarded with content like never before. It will be harder and harder to get your customers attention with subpar or even average quality content in the near future.

Get off the content production merry-go-round right now and you will be in a better position to succeed.

Lastly, as you probably heard Google is planning to scrap Google Reader!  This left me feeling like this…

Google Reader is Dead Y U No Like Me!

The good news is that I use the Reeder app for my RSS Feeds, and they have vowed to keep it going! I highly suggest it if you are on a Mac ecosystem.

Reeder App

I predict most people will end up switching to  Anyhow, that is all for now. Let me know if you find a good alternative to Google Reader.

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