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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week Feb 20th 2013

Here are a few of the best SEO & Content Marketing posts from the past week.

Is Think With Google The Best Kept Secret in Digital Marketing? That is what Jamie Cartwright thinks and I am inclined to agree with him.

Think With Google is a content marketers dream! They have a ton of case studies and industry insights that you can easily download. If you can’t think of something to blog about after visiting the site then you are doing it wrong!

You can also easily create charts and graphics. Here is a simple bar chart I was able to create in about 5 minutes using Think With Google.

Daily Search Engine Use on Smartphone


The graphic shows 2012 data on daily search engine usage on a smartphone. The information is broken down by age and gender. You can clearly see that gender plays almost no influence in younger peoples mobile search habits.  However, AGE is a huge factor.

If you have not checked it out yet make sure to bookmark the site

Mike Wilton wrote a blog post that I really enjoyed reading. Mike is asking the industry to Stop Demonizing Every SEO Tactic That Gets Abused. This is a great read because you always hear someone say that this or that tactic is dead. The reality is that “abused” and “dead” are not the same thing.

Any SEO tactic that gains popularity is certain to be looked at by Google. Usually if a tactic is abused it is because the idea has some merit to it. Here is what I would suggest you do; write out a list of all the ways you could abuse a certain tactic, then go about doing the exact opposite of that.  As a link building tactic becomes more scalable and automated, it becomes less and less safe.

Wayne Barker created a Must Have SEO Tools & Resource List for Excel. Do you practice SEO? Do you use excel? Yeah I thought so…go ahead and bookmark this list!

Jennifer Kane shows you how to easily create 60 Content Topics in 60 Minutes. Jennifer lists some simple but highly effective techniques to get your ideas flowing. If you force yourself to actually sit down and do this I think you will be surprised by how many potential topics you can come up with in an hour.

Kristina Kledzik posted a really great Guide to Site Navigation for SEO. If you are working on a new site or looking to over hall your site navigation this is an excellent primer!

Lastly, I read an article by Janice Bloomwood where she gives 5 Anchor Text Tips for 2013. I almost did not post this link because I have this feeling that Janice Bloomwood is not a real person lol. Maybe she will pop over and correct me!

The advice in the article is pretty solid though, so I included it. I still have to stop clients from beating Google over the head with keywords. Trust me Google gets it; you do not need to build up 100 links that all say “Insert Money Keyword Here”. Google will be able to figure it out from your on page optimization, so only a few of those 100 links need to be optimized….if at all!

Well that is all for this week. As always, enjoy reading!

A.J. Ghergich

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