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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week April 3rd, 2013

Hello there dear readers, my name is Kate and I’m the newest member of Team Ghergich. I joined last month as Content & Outreach Manager, which is one of those big fancy titles that you totally brag about without always being 100% sure what it means. :)

One of the things I will be doing around here is helping AJ out with blog posts on occasion. I am very excited about my Inaugural Trumpet today and I hope you enjoy it.

Dr. Pete Meyers, guest blogging at Marketing Pilgrim, at asks SEO readers, Is There Life Beyond Rankings? He talks about a bad habit in SEO of throwing old metrics under the bus once a shiny, new one comes along. In order to counteract this, Meyers gives us a few helpful ideas to throw into our toolbox along with our tried-and-true methods, showing that two heads (or tails. Long tails?) are better than one.

I am a fan of metaphors. A metaphan, if you will. Alex Webb crafts a seaworthy one comparing SEO to fishing in the introduction to her piece, The Fish Aren’t Biting: Failed (Link) Bait on the Rough Seas of SEO. For those who are unfamiliar, Webb defines linkbaiting in her article and then then describes an experiment with a caster company (client) and several faux caster ideas they launched last December for linkbaiting purposes. I thought the “products” were hilarious (DIAMOND ENCRUSTED CASTER), but evidently the general public was not a fan. I appreciated how Webb bravely presented their successes and failures openly, with advice on how to work this idea a little better next time. My vote is to add more metaphors.

The folks over at Marketaire give a list of five helpful strategies for content marketing in their aptly titled article: SEO – 5 Vital Content Marketing Traits For Crafting Meaningful Content. Content marketing is so interesting to me because it seems like it should be common sense (write interesting stuff that people like to read!) but there really is a balance that must be found between story telling and marketing. Check out this article to learn why traits like empathy, curiosity, and caring are important in this field.

Last week, AJ mentioned an article on the future of blogging. This week, I wanted to go back to the future in a different way with Jayson DeMers‘ piece on “sustainable SEO” in How to Future-Proof Your SEO. DeMers describes this as “policies that are not aimed at increasing rankings, but rather at improving user experience, building quality relationships, and building a positive brand image.” Vague maybe, but sounds good to me. Like with the Marketaire article, I enjoy this author’s common-sense approach to the topic, and always appreciate a move toward a more genuine interaction between sites and readers.

For my final mention (“How to use content marketing and Twitter Cards to boost your app downloads” by Ryan Sommer) I’ll write in <140 characters:

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Okay, that’s it. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some exciting changes to our About page, where you will be able to learn more about all of us at Ghergich & Co.


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