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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week April 24th, 2013

First of all, in case you missed it, we launched a brand new infographic yesterday on The Community of Inbound Marketing, which focuses on Here’s a preview if you didn’t see the post yesterday. Click for the full-size version (with a special bonus G+ surprise included):



Now, onto Le Trumpet. 

First of all, we have a post from one of the top Faces of Inbound sketched (with love) above: Jason Acidre. Jason talks about applying the Pareto (or 80/20) principle to SEO. Simply put, this principle is two-fold:

(1.) Figure out what’s working and do MORE of it

(2.) Figure out what’s NOT working and do LESS.

That may SOUND simple in theory, but can require some serious thought to put into action. His article, 80/20 Link Building Tactics, gives several stellar examples, including both general tips/tricks as well as apps and tools to look into.

Following Jason up is Jayson (makes sense alphabetically). Jayson DeMers teaches us [How To] Create Landing Pages that Convert & Rank Well in Search and talks about the “it’s-complicated” relationship between SEO and landing pages. How do we do this? Well, again, it’s complicated. Jayson suggests providing linkable assets and sharing potential – among other tips – to make visitors want to link to you. It’s gotta be a give-and-take in order for it to work. Make your readers want ya.

Switching gears a bit is Rachel Lovinger‘s piece, Misfits Make Great Speakers. I’m a big fan of Ladies in Tech (both the website where this post comes from and actual ladies in tech) and this post is one of the reasons why. Rachel emphasizes the need for women and other un-heard voices to SPEAK UP. Be different, stand out, get up and say something:

“Look, there’s a good chance you’re weird. I think that’s awesome.”

I completely agree.

Okay, for the next post, I’m sorta breaking the rules. Although we typically only post content from the past seven days, I couldn’t pass up this article by Jonathon Colman, my current SEO “celebrity crush”. In the super personable and easy-to-read article, Data Sets You Free, Jonathon explains how clients — and sometimes upper management — care much more about actual, concrete results rather than jargon and buzzwords (even if we loooove to use them). So, how do you navigate this? Become a data-lover. As Colman says,

“When you can express the role you can play in helping them achieve their goals using credible data, then they’ll become your most dogged supporters.”

Last up, Brad Frost posted Death to Bullshit on slideshare last weekend, which has been a huge hit. Get ready to be amazed, overwhelmed, disturbed, and a really weird combination of defeated/motivated as you click through. Let’s get busy replacing the crap, the bullshit, the fluff, with craft, focus, and passion.

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