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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week April 17th, 2013

Got a brief but fab collection of articles for you folks this week. Make sure you check back next week for an awesome new infographic that our team is very excited to reveal!

Lets get started with a really crappy post by Laura Lippay. Just kidding, although Laura does write about her love of toilets. 😉 She also talks about The Popularity Factor in Today’s SEO . I agree that social sharing will become an important ranking factor as time goes on. Google seems to be working out the kinks with AuthorRank but they will eventually figure it out.

Emma Siemasko teaches us how to go forth and be cool in her How to Write Cool Copy for Unsexy Stuff post. Maybe Laura and Emma should talk about toilets?

The next two pieces are on link building, which as Vinny La Barbera says takes “creativity, experience, trial and error, luck and some patience” in his article, How to Get Editorial Links from Authoritative Websites (Hear Hear).

Vinny talks specifically about authoritative websites, which create the most traffic and pull for your clients, and how to grow a relationship with your targeted audience. These tips were all extremely useful and well explained, BUT Tom Roberts gains some extra kudos and shock value with his own post, 5 Link Building Tactics You Have Never Seen Before. In some cases, the title is absolutely spot on. Find out why it might be time to “Make an arse of yourself publicly,” “Become a “Dungeon Master” and play SEO Cluedo to up your marketing game. Also, check out Tom in a leopard-print thong. Just sayin’.

Looking at content marketing trends in Australia, Claire Brinkley shares an extensive study here: Australian content marketing vs. UK and US. It finds that 98% of B2B marketers (and 89% of B2C marketers) use content marketing, which is higher than the UK at 95% and the US at 91%.

The most popular tactics in Australia are articles on a website, social media interaction, and eNewsletters (with the least popular being things like games, virtual conferences, and podcasts — which all sound like fun to me). Read more about the strategies, platforms, and challenges faced. I enjoyed the interaction between graphs and stats in this piece, and found everything to be interesting if not always surprising.

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