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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week April 10th, 2013

Hello readers, it’s time for another Weekly Trumpet. It’s an exciting week for the Ghergich team – several of us are meeting up to work together in St Louis, which means we’ve had to put on Actual Pants. Ah, the trials and tribulations of working from home. Onward!

Starting off with one of the best surnames in the business, Ann Smarty speaks to my love of organization and shares some Cool Mind Mapping Tools for Keyword Research and Content Marketing. I remember loving to brainstorm in grade school (Nerd4Lyf) and it’s a skill that eventually saved my master’s thesis and carried me into the working world. In this post, Ann introduces several tools that work on a variety of devices and platforms, so Mac, Windows, and Linux brains can all get their mappin’ on. By the way, if you know of any other tools that she didn’t mention, please throw them my way. The weather is always right for a good brainstorm (yeah, I went there).

Jon Cooper put together an advice piece for SEOs when gaining new clients – Questions & Checklist for New SEO Clients: A Collaboration. As the title says, Cooper emphasizes the conversational and collaborative nature of starting to work with clients. For example, he (and his list-making collaborators) puts “Understand[ing] their SEO/Marketing background & expectations” as step four, rather than one, in order to first develop a connection that will make the business process run more smoothly.

Next up is a checklist of a different kind. Reid Bandremer gives us a step-by-step cheat sheet this week with My Fifteen Minute Weekly SEO Health Check, which was quite helpful. Mmm, Google Webmaster Tools. Running through this checklist every week looks like a great way to move toward more efficient time management. Got your own weekly checklist using different tools? Do share.

Switching from text to video on this next one, Barry Schwartz sums up Google’s Matt Cutts’ video on the intricacies of page rankingGoogle Explains Why Your New Page’s Number One Ranking May Drop. I swear I didn’t only post this one because of the following gif:

Matt Cutts, giffin'

…but it doesn’t hurt.

Seriously though, watch the short video because it might help you to answer a client’s question in the future.

Ever feel pulled in a thousand directions at once? Matt Gratt of BuzzStream points out the phenomenon when it comes to link building (“Make big content! 301 redirects! Guest post! Make friends! Promote Your Content! And the list goes on.”) He posits his own two cents in this thorough piece, How to Structure a Link Building Campaign for Maximum Impact. The ideas he suggest take some time and effort, but the best ones usually do.

My final and favorite piece for this week (if I’m allowed to pick favorites) is about an SEO experience, but I think it can be applied to basically any field. Hannah Smith shares Why Messing Up Might Make you a Better Manager and is very open about a managerial screw-up in her own recent past. This post is vulnerable, honest, a little embarrassing, and therefore it’s awfully relatable. Check it out and learn why…

“sometimes you need to totally mess something up in order to figure out how to make something better.”

All right, that’s all for this week, folks.

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