The Best Content Marketing Posts This Week Nov. 28th


This week I am sharing 4 posts that caught my eye. I think everyone may be grumpy after dealing with relatives last week because it shows in their writing lol.

Jonathon Colman has an article that gives the SEO & Content Marketing industry some much-needed tough love. It is actually one of the best articles I have read lately. One of his main points is that our industry is simply pushing out thin content that is rehashed all over the web. We are constantly giving out the Top 5 ways to do XYZ, but in the end not really saying anything of value.

I really like his New Years Resolution at the bottom of the article. I suggest you click it!

JP has an article with Content Marketing Fail in the title so you can guess where that is going. I really agree with his prediction that you will see a huge crackdown in 2013 on crappy content.

My view is that Content Marketing is the new “IT” girl (no she doesn’t fix computers) and will eventually attract all the bad apples that flocked to SEO over the years. Don’t set yourself up for failure in the future. Let everyone else churn out content and use “networks” to distribute it. Do not let yourself fall into that trap once again. Go slow, make something worth a damn and work to promote it and you will succeed long term. Also work hard to form partnerships with the best sites in your community.

It’s getting close to December so the inevitable 2012 SEO Year in Review posts are starting to pop up. However, this one is actually a pretty useful roundup so I suggest taking a peek.

Lastly, Christopher Penn had penned a post (see what I did there?) on the Sad State of Content Marketing. What I took away from this article, Stop producing shitty content! See I told you everyone was guppy or maybe it’s just me lol.

That about does it for this week. I think there are some good takeaways in these pieces. Make sure you get ahead of the curve now so you don’t regrets this time next year. If you are producing 10 pieces of content a month and they are all mediocre try cutting back to 2 and make them kick ass. I promise you will like the results.

A.J. Ghergich

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2 Responses to “The Best Content Marketing Posts This Week Nov. 28th”

  1. Jonathon Colman Jonathon Colman said ...

    Thanks for the shout-out and for your comments, AJ – much appreciated! Curious as to what you see as being a good solution here… an independent, peer-reviewed, long-form SEO/Inbound/Content Marketing journal? More agreement within the community to promote and celebrate deeper discussions and conversation?

    The weakness of my post is that I don’t propose much of a solution beyond personal commitment. I think that’s a good starting point, but is only a means to an end, not the end itself.

    1. A.J. Ghergich A.J. Ghergich said ...

      Why not both? I think step one would be to get the “Leadership” of our industry to take a little pledge to change next year. I know that is a little cheesy but I think if you had some “smart minds” draft the pledge it would create buy in.

      However, that will only get you a month or two into next year before everyone forgets the pledge so I really like your idea of a Peer-Reviewed Journal.

      “The weakness of my post is that I don’t propose much of a solution”…Yes but step one is to correctly identify the problem in the first place which I think you did a great job of.

      People in our industry fear giving away their best advice and tactics. This is why you get a lot of articles saying to guest blog or create infographics, but not really telling you anything new.

      However, to me the best thing about Content Marketing is that it’s hard as hell to do it right. Even if we give everything we know away for free clients are still going to need people like us to help educate, train and execute.

      I would love to continue this discussion and help out where I can.

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