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The Best Expert Advice On Content Marketing This Week Jan 30th

I found several great Content Marketing blog posts this week, but one piece of content really rises above the rest. Neil Patel & Sujan Patel created one of the All Time best Advanced Guides to SEO that I have ever seen. This SEO guide skips all the typical crap you have read before and goes right into actionable and technical tips you can start using immediately.

You can download it for free without registering, although at the time of this writing drop box is not allowing download due to high traffic volume.  What a great problem to have, right?

The only negative I would say is that some of the link building advice in the last few chapters could get you into trouble if you do it wrong. Other than that this is a must read!

Jasmine Henry wrote a blog post today titled 9 SEO Tricks That Are so 2010. If you are doing any of these tricks…STOP.

To me the big keys are Lazy Content Creation and Press Releases. I see a lot of people doing both of these wrong all the time and its time to update your tactics.

In my opinion the days of bad content are over and the days of mediocre content are numbered! Also, if your press release is only going to be published on directory sites, you should Save Your Money until you have actual news.  The only value a press release has is if the right people pick it up.

Jason Acidre has a fantastic walkthrough on how he Increased his Blog Search traffic by 44% in 1 Month. I think you will walk away from this post with some actionable ideas on how to increase traffic to your site.

What I love about this post is that it offers basic SEO optimization that even a beginner can do. Sometimes the simplest things can have a big impact.

Steven Shattuck created a twitter case study to see what happens when you Double Your Tweeting Frequency. Steven found that as long as you keep the quality of your tweets high you can really increase the referral traffic to your site. In fact, he saw a 124% increase in referral traffic to his site.

However, just because Steven tweeted more he did not really gain much in the way of follower growth. As always, your millage will vary but this is worth taking a look at.

Josh Williams over at Seer Interactive shows off his Google Docs knowledge with a tutorial on how to get “Google Sets” to work in Google Docs. I used to use Google Sets all the time back in the day, so I am excited that this feature is back!

Basically you enter in a few keywords and Google will give back a list of related phrases. I find it very useful to see what Google thinks is related.

Pancham Prashar wrote a 91 Point Checklist for eCommerce Conversion Optimization and it’s pretty damn good! You are probably not going to read this in one sitting, so go ahead and bookmark it as you will want to go through this checklist.

Lastly, I am always a sucker for some new shiny tools! Jason Keath has a very nice list of the 12 Best New Social Media Tools. There are several tools on this list I have not gotten around to using yet, and I assume it will be the same for you.

Well that is all for this week. Happy reading!




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