The Best Content Marketing Posts This Week Jan 23rd

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I am excited about this week’s Content Marketing roundup, so lets dive right in!

Eric Enge wrote a fantastic guide on How to Determine the Potential Size of Your Content Marketing Opportunity. This is pretty much a MUST READ for anyone trying to get started in Content Marketing.

Dan Petrovic interviewed John Mueller from Google about Author Rank and concluded that as far as Google is concerned, “There is no such thing as Author Rank….YET”.

SEO’s (myself included) have been preaching that Author Rank is coming, so to be honest it is somewhat of a surprise to see someone like John Mueller look a bit lost on the subject.

However, I view this as a huge positive. NOW is the time to get ahead on this. Google obviously is still working out the kinks but when they do you will kick yourself for not working on it sooner.

Rand Fishkin posted a gem with his latest Whiteboard Friday video.  Rand talks about a Simple Technique to Improve your Outreach. I would sum this technique up by saying be helpful first, ask for help later.

Instead of begging for a link back to your site, try offering to help promote their own content first and ask nothing in return. If you do this you will find it very easy to build relationships with the bloggers.

I promise you this works! Reach out, offer to help (do this a few times) and then ask them to help you. Also, when you do ask for help promoting something make sure it is of exceptional quality.

Aleyda Solis created a fantastic guide on How to do a Mobile SEO Audit. I suggest you save it because mobile is going to be increasingly important. In my opinion if your next website design is not RESPONSIVE you are doing it wrong. just released Bullet Proof Link Building Strategies for 2013, which is a round up of some link building experts that I really respect. I really liked Paddy Moogan’s old school recommendation of looking at images as way to build links and social engagement.

Pinterest has proven the power of images. It is time to really leverage the images you have and start producing high quality images and illustrations going forward.

Pratik Dholakiya wrote The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging. Although I must say our industry throws around the word Ultimate way to much lol. Anyhow, this is a great read if you are struggling to understand how to scale guest blogging.

One point Pratik makes, that I use when evaluating a potential guest blog opportunity, is to look at the social activity of the blog. I look at the last 3 to 5 posts on the site and if I do not see any social activity I move along.

This one tip will keep you from getting on most of the crappy blog networks out there. Of course if the site is new or you can see the quality is there you can make an exception but 95% of the time this one rule works.

Most people start by looking at PR, Domain Authority and Unique Root Domains. Honestly that is much easier to fake with a blog network than to get real people tweeting and linking your content.

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