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The Best Content Marketing Posts This Week Jan 16th

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! We are back in actions with an extended version of our Weekly Trumpets. There has been a lot going on in the Content Marketing and SEO world over the past few weeks, so lets dive in.

Michelle Stinson Ross writes about how the New Facebook Search Impacts Business Pages. Unless you were under a rock yesterday you probably heard about Facebook rolling out a new search feature that could be very impactful if done right.

You are going to want to be an early adopter here and take advantage of these new features before your competitors do. This is in the early stages so I highly suggest you join the waiting list!

Barry Schwartz has been conducting a poll on Google’s penguin update. 64% of his original respondents were hit by the Penguin update. Barry followed up with those affected and found that to date 94% of the Google Penguin Victims Have not Fully Recovered.

Honestly, this is not surprising to me at all. Most people are simply not going to do the hard manual work it takes to fully recover for a Penguin penalty.  Here are a few quick tips I have picked up while helping others recover from this penalty.

My Quick Penguin Tips:

  • Identify all the bad backlinks you have and then email them one by one and ask them to remove the links. Use Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer.
  • Many times 10 or 20 sites will be responsible for thousands of bad links to your site simply because they use site wide links. This is a great place to start.
  • Keep a detailed spreadsheet going in Google docs of your first, second and third attempt to contact them.
  • A tool like can help manage this process.
  • Any links you can’t get removed after the 3rd attempt you will need to disavow with the new disavow tool. Disavow individual links BUT if you see a site wide that you can’t remove, disavow the whole domain.
  • While this is going on clean up any keyword stuffing you have done on-page.
  • Once all of this is done submit for reclusion…NOT BEFORE.
  • The email needs to explain what you were doing wrong and why you will never do it again. Then show a link to the Google doc that documents the links you have had removed and all the site owners you attempted to contact.

    You should also include a link to a Google doc with your disavow list just to make sure they notice it as well. The only shot you have at getting back in is for Google to see you have put in the hard work, and that they believe you will not simply go back to those bad practices in the future.

Ken McGaffin wrote a great article on why Public Relations is a MUST for SEO in 2013. I totally agree with Ken here. So much of what I do for clients now is really PR and Outreach. You can create a fantastic piece of content but you really have to nail outreach for it to be successful.

Emma North caught my attention with her Google Zebra Update speculation post. If we stick with the black and white trend I think Zebra makes sense lol. Emma’s post focuses on the possibility that Google will crack down on Social Media manipulations in the future.

I think this is totally plausible but if I had to bet I would say the next big Google target will be Guest Blog Posts.

Kari Rippetoe listed 26 Content Marketing Tools to use in 2013. I already use most of these tools so I highly recommend them. In her Content Ideas section she mentions Bottlenose, which I use myself but I always seem to migrate back to Topsy.

Andy Beal recently gave out 9 Links Building Secrets SEO Pros Don’t Want Him to Share. So obviously by sharing this I am proving that I am not a pro lol. One great thing Andy mentions is to piggyback off a competitor’s success. Instead of bemoaning the fact that your competition got to the front page of Digg, create a similar piece that you improve upon and submit it to Reddit.

James Agate created the Complete Guide to Leveraging an eBook for Links. Again, I think posts like this are essential. Why go through so much trouble to create an eBook only to fall down when it comes to outreach.

James mentions a few sites like Followerwonk to find influencers and journalist. I would suggest checking out Muck Rack as well.

Mike Blumenthal wrote about Google Going After Contests. This will have a lot of impact on local businesses so be sure to read it. Basically, Google is saying you can’t run contests as an incentive for people to review your site.

However, as an SEO you could easily see how contest for link building could also be on Google’s radar.

Lastly, if you are struggling with content ideas for your blog, Amanda Gallucci created a list of 31 types of Blog Posts for Every Day of the Month.

Well this list should keep you busy for a little while, but I promise these are all worth your time to read.  I am looking forward to a fantastic year in the Content Marketing Industry.

Oh how could I forget…last night I found this little gem in Google Maps.

Google Lord Of The Rings Easter Egg Mordor

One does not simply walk into Mordor.

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