This week I have 3 articles and some free eBooks on Content Marketing that I think you will enjoy.

Sajjad Masud has a post on Mashable that talks about using SEO as part of your talent acquisition strategy. I included this because I think this is something many companies completely forget about. His basic point is that you should be doing keyword research and optimizing your job posts.

I disagree with his use of PageRank as a metric to determine where to post your jobs but I also understand he is talking to a general audience at Mashable so I will give him a pass. Anyhow, this is something that is easy to implement and I bet most companies have not put much effort into this area.

With 2012 coming to a close, we are seeing more and more 2013 prediction posts. Michael Brenner wrote a good one that I think is pretty spot on. I agree with him that 2013 will be about Content Marketing maturing. I especially liked his point that companies are going to start creating new positions such as Content Strategist and Data Scientist.

This is exactly what happened with SEO. Remember when hardly anyone had a SEO position on staff? I think this will happen at an accelerated pace since Content Marketing is the merging of Search, Social & SEO.

Kevin Cain wrote a piece on Targeted Content Marketing that I found interesting. Kevin talks about making content that is personal and resonates with various customer personas. I feel that creating multiple personas is a key step in the content creation process. If you do not understand exactly who you are creating content for, it is probably going to fail.

Another thing I see companies doing is creating content over and over for the same persona. I guarantee that you do not have only ONE type of customer. You really need to produce content that personally speaks to each type of customer you have.

Lastly, Brian Clark has some really well written Content Marketing eBooks that you can download for free. He has currently had two live right with more coming out in a few weeks. Go snag them!


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  1. Scott Hammond Scott Hammond said ...

    “I feel that creating multiple personas is a key step in the content creation process.” This is why I like working with good bloggers so much. They already have a persona, and they are keyed in as leaders in the niche, so the trick working from this end is the ability to target the best bloggers and make sure they are doing work that integrates well with your campaign.

    1. A.J. Ghergich A.J. Ghergich said ...

      Yep if you can get on blogs your potential customers are already reading that is always a win. However, depending on how competitive the niche is it can be a bit tricky to get a relationship going with the TOP bloggers. I usually advise people to start with the mid tier bloggers because they are easier to connect with. You can leverage those relationships into relationships with the leaders in your niche.

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