Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets

Weekly Trumpets: Infographic Made In Microsoft Paint? Sorry No RT 4 U!

We typically post our content marketing roundups on Wednesday but we were busy creating our fancy new weekly trumpets image shown above. Now that my lame excuse for being busy is out of the way, lets dive in!

Stock images make Demian Farnworth CHOKE! So he wrote The Misfit’s Guide to Finding Interesting Images. I enjoyed his suggestion to follow

Magnificent Ruin on Tumblr…so you can find cool images like this.

Meth Lab In The Sun Via Jonah Freeman


Ryan Schual emailed me an article he wrote titled A True Content Story. I really LOVED this quote he used: “Publishing Bad Content is a More Advanced Form of Black Hat Link Building.” I could not agree more!

Jeremy Rivera AKA the GIF Master wrote a nice roundup over at Raven Tool’s blog. He asked 16 kick ass marketers about the metrics that matter to them.

Michael King reminds us that the SEO Echo Chamber is WRONG more often than it is right. I really like Michael’s 3rd point the best.

My first job in SEO was selling Paid Links so I know a thing or two about that side of the industry. Now I run my own firm and there is a reason I do only white hat link building. It has nothing to do with my wanting to be one of the cool kids… well okay, maybe a little, but the main reason is because it works better.

If I produce high quality “linkable assets” for a client, my team can build permanent links and social shares off of that content that you don’t have to rent each month. If you rinse and repeat this process you will easily scale past paid links in a short time.

The key is to not fall into the trap Ryan mentioned above and start producing content for content’s sake. If your infographic looks like you made it in Microsoft Paint, sorry nobody is tweeting or linking to that.

Well that is all for this week. If you would like to checkout some non Microsoft Paint info/instructo graphics be sure to checkout some examples of our latest work

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