Content Marketing Trumpets

Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets Oct 24th – 31st

Content Marketing: Weekly Trumpets

Our Content Marketing Trumpets for the week include 5 of the best blog posts I have read the past week. Each week I will be hand picking what I consider to be the most interesting and authoritative posts in the SEO and Content Marketing industry. If you would like to receive the updates be sure to subscribe to our blog or follow us on twitter @seo.

1. Disavow Link Tool Case Studies – Tim Grice shows off some real life examples of penalties he was able to remove for clients using the disavow links tool.

The part of the article I think many will find interesting is where Tim mentions there are two types of penalties that people got. The first is a manual penalty for spammy links and the second is more algorithmic in nature and based on over optimization of anchor text.

Tim goes on to show examples of the various email responses Google may give you and how you can use those to determine what type of penalty you have, if any.

2. SEO Driven Audience Targeting – Richard Baxter walks users through using tools such as FollowerWonk to mine out influencers in your niche. We utilize a similar approach at Ghergich & Co. when we are socially promoting content such as infographics.

3. How to Build a Content Marketing Team – Eric Enge has a post up on copyblogger that walks you through the process of pulling together a small but effective content marketing team. Eric goes through around 10 points and he is pretty spot on with his recommendations

4. What Google Thinks About Your Links – Debra Mastaler has some great insights on some recent comments about link building by Matt Cutts.

A few takeaways are; widget based links, links at the end of guest posts, and keyword rich anchor text may start to be devalued further by Google. Google really wants a link to be editorially given, so a link inside of the main content area seems to be your best bet.

5. Scary Online Marketing Stories – Lastly, just in time for Halloween TopRank has a great post which is really a funny “what not to do” article with examples from industry experts. This in particular made me laugh.

Just keep tweeting the sale link. People like that

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I did and have a Happy Halloween!




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