Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets

Content Marketing Weekly Trumpets Oct 17th – 24th

Content Marketing: Weekly Trumpets

This weeks Content Marketing Trumpets features 5 expertly written articles that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Each week I will be hand picking what I consider to be the most interesting and authoritative posts in the SEO and Content Marketing industry. If you would like to receive the updates be sure to subscribe to our blog or follow us on twitter @seo.

1. Neil Patel has written my favorite post of the week. I love it because he shows actual statistics from real campaigns.


Over the past two years his site has created and promoted 46 infographics. These graphics have generated 41,359 tweets, 20,859 likes and 2,512,596 visitors.

The post goes on to show what he spent on the infographics and what it would have cost him to produce the same results through a pay per click campaign. There are a lot of good insights in this post and it is a very encouraging and motivating read.

However, I do have one point of contention. Neil states he spent $600 on average for each infographic campaign. In my experience this is far too low of a price to expect to pay. I don’t doubt that Neil spent that but it not realistic for you to expect the same. For quality infographic design and promotion you will typically be in the $2000 to $3,500 range. You can go overseas and get it cheaper but remember you get what you pay for.

Anyhow, even with a higher cost for production and marketing Neil’s results would still represent an impressive return on investment.

2. Marketo has a very detailed post up on SEOMoz. The post is mainly about modeling search behavior across your funnel. However, it also has some great tips on Persona Modeling. I think this is a great read because it reminds us to look at things from a different perspective and should inspire you to improve and expand your expertise.

3. The Content Marketing Institute has an industry survey out that provides a very good snapshot of the industry and what other marketers are focusing on. You should definitely take a look.

4. James Norquay has a fascinating interview with an ex Google employee that is a must read.


According to this post Google is really looking at the relevancy of your backlinks and if you are over using commercial keywords in your backlinks.

5. Lastly, Forbes posted an SEO Health Check guide that points out that you might be looking at the wrong metrics altogether when preforming this kind of analysis.

These are some of the best posts I have read over the past week. I hope you find them as helpful as I did. Remember to subscribe to our blog if you want to get these weekly updates.

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