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The Future of SEO: Being Careful Without Being Martha Careful

Last week, Andrew Youderian took a few minutes (ok, thirty) to interview my good ol’ boss, AJ Ghergich, for the eCommerceFuel podcast. Andrew and AJ talked extensively about SEO, eCommerce, Marketing, and what 2014 will bring. If you missed the podcast itself, I’d highly recommend listening*. However, I also wanted to write up a recap of their conversation,… Continue reading


Hummingbird: Move Over Caffeine, Hello Sweet Nectar

A quick glance at Twitter or your RSS reader will reveal that everyone is all a’flutter about Hummingbird, Google’s latest algorithm update. This release is the biggest one since Caffeine in 2010. How is it different from its predecessor?  Amit Singhal reports: “[Hummingbird] is clearly more focused on ranking sites better for relevance, while Caffeine… Continue reading

Weekly Trumpets: MozCon tools, Nerditude, and Nomophobia, oh my!

MozCon As we all (should) know, MozCon is going on this week, and Twitter has been all a’flutter with the great content that is being discussed. James Agate posted the 2013 Link Building Survey infographic to Moz yesterday which outlines how the year is going thus far for the industry. You can check out things like: average link building budgets per business/agency, most common… Continue reading